• have an illuminating and aesthetic function. They illuminate the ground and adjacent areas, providing soft but not excessive light and showing the way for people and cars. You can decorate plants and buildings and create an attractive landscape and atmosphere.
  • provide low-level lighting without glare or distracting visual experience for drivers and pedestrians. These lights shine at a lower altitude, they don't bother people while illuminating the ground.
  • is able to reduce crime at night. The light from the bollard deters thieves and looters. Bollard lights are also reasonably effective at deterring thieves and looters from causing mischief.

You did not find the right one at our eShop. We are happy to help you to find the right Bollard light for your property in  height, colour, light and IP protection. Please contact us.

Please have a look at our Accessories - Lampshades/ Mix and Match you find for example a high pole Light with different Lighting Heads. Please contact us.

Bollard Lights
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Bollard Lights
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Bollard Lights
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